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        Serving the life of science and
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        Serving the life of science and
        technology civilization.

        2021-11-16 08:48:27
        Mobile mining machinery and equipment include crawler mobile crusher and tire mobile crusher. There are obvious differences between the two. In terms of walking mode, the crawler type can be driven hydraulically or controlled by wireless remote sensing, and the tire type mobile crusher needs the traction of semi-trailer head. Both have their own advantages and can be matched with a variety of equipment. Let's introduce these two mobile mine crushers.

        1、 What are the mobile mining machinery crusher equipment?

        Generally, the equipment carried by a mobile crushing station mainly includes: feeder, crushing host, generator set, belt conveyor, etc., which can be configured according to the needs, and appropriate crushing equipment can be selected for installation.

        Here are some common models:

        1. Tire impact mobile crushing station

        2 carrying equipment mainly includes: feeder, impact crusher, generator set, etc.

        3 advantages and scope of application: it is generally used to crush soft or medium and low hardness materials, such as limestone, bluestone, building brick slag, etc. Semi mobile, powered by city or generator, suitable for construction waste treatment, construction engineering, earthwork and stone projects, etc.

        2、 Advantages of mobile mining machinery crusher production line

        Advantages of mobile mining machinery crusher production line:

        1. Single machine operation, a car is a production line.

        The structure design is compact, the overall volume is small, and the production line is greatly reduced. It is convenient to move and saves transportation cost. It is suitable for engineering projects with limited space and limited site.

        2. It can combine multiple machines, with large output and high efficiency.

        If the output of one machine can not meet the requirements, several more machines can be configured, so that the output of multi machine joint operation is greater and the efficiency is higher.

        3. Energy saving and environmental protection.

        Dust removal device can be installed, and the air flow in the vortex chamber circulates automatically, which can reduce dust and noise.

        4. In the later stage, the operation cost is low and the income is good.

        Although the initial cost is slightly expensive, the free transfer of equipment can save a lot of expenses such as material transportation, production line installation and workers' wages.
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